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Banana Nut Muffins

Does "healthy you" ever go to the grocery store and stock up on a bunch of produce for the week only to see at the end of the week that half of it has reached its last leg/wilting away in fridge? This recipe is PERFECT for those over ripe bananas sitting on your counter that you just couldn't get to that week! Super simple to make, all in one bowl as well! I love banana nut muffins, something about them reminds me of home. Probably because my mom used to make them every weekend for after soccer games or sleepovers. Easy to grab and go before school or work. Also just as delicious for a weekend morning with a cup of coffee or tea!

This recipe creates the perfect banana muffin with a sweet/crunchy topping! They also stay quite moist for quite some time compared to your average muffin. This recipe is very versatile in that you can add-in any top of filling you want, chocolate chips, dried fruit or just omit the walnuts and have a plain and simple banana muffin!

Now lets get into the recipe!


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