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Ginger & Cardamom Cake with Summer Plum Jam and Salted Honey Buttercream

Recently, I have been going to the farmers market every Sunday in the square near me. This past week, I found the cutest, smallest, most delicious little plums I have ever had! So naturally, I bought A LOT! Thinking I would be snacking on them all week, but turns out I got more than I could handle - so I decided to make a jam. A lot of the jams I make I use a very simple recipe that I learned when I started working at the current restaurant I am at now. Just take the weight of the fruit or whatever you are trying to make jam and add sugar that is 40% of its weight. So think "okay I have 1lb of plums (thats 16oz) you would then take 16oz x .40 =6.4oz. So you would add 6.4oz of sugar to your fruit! That way anytime I wanna make a jam, I don't have to think of a recipe. I didn't want this to be your typical cake, so I thought "hmmmm, what would go nicely with this that isn't TOO sweet. So I decided on a warmer approach with cardamom and ginger sponge cake and of course my favorite buttercream- salted honey!

Now let's get to the recipe!


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