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Peas and Mint Ricotta Shells

One of my favorite type of dishes to cook hands down has to be pasta. I love getting the sauce just right and hitting all the marks on the salt, fat, acid and heat. There are so many different pasta shapes and sizes to play around with as well, making it that much more fun to create a dish based around seasonal ingredients. I love when the beginning of summer comes around and peas are in season! They are one of my favorite vegetables and very versatile. I had just gone to the farmers market and picked up some English peas and mint and thought - pasta for lunch! (Frozen would also work really well here as I have used them interchangeably for this recipe!)

Adding a dollop of creamy ricotta cheese adds a nice richness against the crunchy lemon bread crumbs on top. Making this dish filling yet bright with the addition of mint on top. For this dish you can use whatever shaped pasta you have lying around your pantry! I personally suggest shells, penne or a rigatoni so it has some place to hold the sauce in each bite.

Now lets get to the recipe!


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